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About VA bashing and other such things

4/27/13 by N0sSyndrome
Updated 4/27/13

Alright, so recently, I got across a lot of comments which kind of annoy me.
I do not mind being criticized by people in the voice acting world. I like constructive criticism and nothing else. The problem here is that most people leaving bad comments about it are not even part of the voice acting community or never worked as a VA before.

As a voice actor, you need to meet two expectations, yours and the director's. You follow the script, add in your own touch, but you still need to keep what the director asked for. Example: If the line tells you to sound angry, well sound angry, that's what the director asked for. You can still add your two cents, but you cannot walk far from it. You still need to keep in mind that the only person with a clear view of his own story is the director himself.

If you want to criticize my performance, back yourself up, please, there's nothing I hate more than an empty review. It just pisses me off, especially from people who do not know a single thing about this line of work. I also received really mixed up feedback from some of my uploads. The thing is, these uploads are preview files. Small parts of a complete script, judge it as something which is happening after other events. Think a little bit about what might have happened before this situation showed up.

Anyways, that was my little rant.
I am a nobody, whatever fits your shoes.
You say what you want either I like it or not.
Just filling in ignorant who keep on bashing on everyone without actual knowledge of what happens behind the scene.
But I guess it's also just a matter of opinion...

Jason, out!



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Point gotten. :) What I'm more aggravated about is the bashing of gadgets. Back in the day NG was all about Flash, and you could submit anything Flash-based with good reviews, but now if you submit anything interactive that isn't directly a game it gets plenty of low score reviews with comments like "this isn't even a game!", even if it is in the right category. the Games and Movies divide left a lot of content out in the cold.



Nice list of punchlines at the end. :D Would be nice with constrictive feedback on... everything. Not just VA gets bashed.

4/28/13 N0sSyndrome responds:

True, but my point was about people saying stuff like "sounds over-acted or flat", but do not give any details. Nor do they seem to understand that the actor still needs to follow the script's instructions ^^'. Also, it's impossible to give a perfect performance in a very short production. Reason is, people do not have enough information or time to all "judge" with the same "mindset".