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Entry #9

I need a real project!

6/22/13 by N0sSyndrome

Hey there everyone,

I've been around for a while now, wondering what to do with my voice. I came to the conclusion that I am good at nothing else but cartoons, well actually, that's what I do best. I can make voice overs for more serious oriented stuff, but people never give me these kind of jobs, apparently... So I am posting this little update, maybe people will read it, maybe not, but in the end, I still need to put it out there. I am looking to offer my voice in a long length series, anything will do. I just really want to find a role which I'll play long enough to grow attached to it. You know, as an actor, when a director gives you a role, he gives you part of a baby, it's like making a woman pregnant really.

At first, the character is there but it's incomplete, only the actor will come in and complete this entity in the end. The director gives you the bases, as an actor, you model it. You make it your own; you will act as you picture the character in your head. Being a voice actor is way more than it may look. Also, to anyone thinking it's an easy job, well, it really isn't. If you rush in the voice acting world thinking: "Well, voice acting is just as easy as a walk in a park". Please walk away, chose something else.

Anyways, if you are looking for someone up for a long length project, hit me up! I got multiple demo files on my profile, make yourself at home.


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The guy below me is a dumbass.

Well, you did get a part in E.Z.. Sorry for taking so long to make the first episode. Improvements are really taking a toll on the production. I just have to improve my art and I'll get right back to work on it. I'm making the first episode's script to have everyone have a chance to voice in it, and then we can start getting to the good stuff. Again, really sorry for the delay. I've been working hard everyday, and I hope I can finish Chapter F part 1 by the end of the summer. Now I will copy and paste this message to my skype status.